AniForte - PureNature

AniForte – Pure Nature

This week is all about food. Yum! Our favourite topic. The kind people over at AniForte sent us over some yummy goodies to get our canines stuck in to. Now, we know that you hoomans always worry about what to feed us, how much, what’s good, what’s bad? We don’t know why you worry to be honest, we love all types of food! On a more serious note, it’s always good to know what you do feed us as every dog is different and our diets can often change. AniForte sent us three different products to try, but before we tell you about the products, let’s tell you a bit about them, as their values are something we love!

AniForte is actually from Germany. They are a family run business (the best run businesses in our eyes). They take their inspiration from nature, as it has all the answers, right? They create products for dogs, cats and horses and they are all 100% natural. Their mission is to improve pet health globally so us pets can be happy all of the time!

One thing that is extremely important to our hoomans, is that our food is grain free. They were really pleased to see that AniForte Pure Nature dog food is all grain free, free from additives and also gluten free. The most exciting part for us was that the food is packed with a high meat content, the different ranges are from 87% - 88% meat… It’s making our mouths water just thinking about it. The rest of the food was mixed with 11% - 12 % vegetables and then the reaming few percent is minerals and trace elements. All in all, it certainly called for a good meal. When our hoomans opened the tin, they were actually really surprised at how good the food smelt. We think hoomans are crazy as they usually turn their noses up at other dog foods as they don’t smell overly pleasant, but AniForte Pure Nature smelt like actual food (to them). We don’t think they would be putting it on their own plates though… Now, we know most dogs usually wolf down their food, but we certainly did just that, it was so tasty. Our little tails were going like crazy too. We also couldn’t believe how much choice there is! We were lucky enough to try Country Beef flavour, but we are sure all of the other flavours taste just as good.

We were also sent some Anti-Plaque sticks. Now, we don’t think this is fair to say this, but we always hear our hoomans go on about how bad our breath smells… Hey! It’s a dachshund thing right? Now, one thing that our hoomans really like from the packaging is that it had as re-sealable strip, so you they don’t leave the packet open or have to use stickers to stick the packet back together. Simple, but so much easier! Again, the Anti-Plaque sticks were gluten free and had no artificial additives. What do you think happened to these when we were given them? You guessed it, we wolfed these down too. Obviously, being designed to clean our teeth and give us fresh breath, it took us a little longer to devour these. Our hoomans also read on the packaging that these can contribute towards teeth whitening! We’ll be the Simon Cowells of the doggy world, hey!?

Lastly we were also sent some coconut oil! Very nice, if only we were on a Caribbean island somewhere too… Funnily enough, within the same week, our hoomans had also started using coconut oil to cook their own food in. They had no idea that it would also be good for us too! There are so many uses for the coconut oil. One of the main uses is to help our immune system, so you can add it to our food. It also helps with digestion as it contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids, this is important for dogs, especially us dachshunds. One thing that our hoomans really noticed was how even more shiny and soft our fur became from using it. A lot of people who saw us commented on that as well. Interestingly, the coconut oil can also help repel insects, ticks and mosquitoes. All you hoomans need to do, is rub a little bit on our legs and abdomen every few days. It’s just like going to a spa! Anything to help keep those pests away is a bonus!

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We hope you enjoyed reading our review on AniForte. Our reviews are always honest and from our mouths only! We like to talk about things that we really like and believe in. If you would like to keep up with our adventures, subscribe below!
Thank you so much for reading.
Jacob & Bruno

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  1. Thanks for the tip re. coconut oil - my mom's Dachshund has dry patches of skin and maybe this can help. I will follow the link to AniForte and check it out. Cheers!