Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a lovely time of year for humans as they get to meet up with family, have time off of work (for most people) and eat a ton of chocolate that they find Easter egg hunting! However, we don’t think it’s that great as we can’t eat chocolate… definitely not fair.

Although this is only our second time of experiencing Easter, we wanted to change it so that us dogs could have loads of fun! Last year we had to just sit by and watch the family run around the garden finding big fancy eggs, smiling and laughing together. This year, we wanted that to be us. We definitely had some thinking to do. How could a dog have just as much fun, if they can’t eat chocolate? To be honest, we are sure we wouldn’t like chocolate anyway, so we thought of something that we did like… din dins? Well, every dog loves din dins, but we get that everyday anyway, so it wouldn’t exactly be fun hunting for that. What about toys? Well, in a way that would be fun, but you can’t eat toys and we want to be able to fill our belly’s full and not move from the sofa for a whole evening. We guess we could do that with toys? Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe not. Well, we love treats!? We think we’ve got it! Yes, treats would be a great thing to have to hunt, but how could we make it more Eastery? This is when we had a brain wave!

So, on a normal Easter egg hunt, humans would hunt chocolate eggs. To make our Easter hunt more like theirs, we thought we could still find eggs, but ones which had our favourite treats hidden inside! Oooh, how exciting! This would really make good use of our sense of smell and keep our brains engaged. The hoomans got our favourite treats (chicken bites) and placed them inside a BIG golden egg. Do you think it came from the goose? They firstly helped us out by letting us sniff the egg, so we picked up the smell, making it easier for us to pick up the scent in the garden. So that we didn’t cheat, our dad Jay took us into the front room so we couldn’t see a thing that was going on outside! Our other dad Oli hid the egg, but before he did, he rubbed it on the grass in different places, which again, would help us pick up the scent.

Once he had finished hiding the egg, it was time for us to find it! This part was the best part. Off we went, sniffing every blade of grass, over turned pots, flower beds, trees and even the cat (we thought he may have stolen it). It was super exciting and our tails were wagging at the speed of light. We used our sense of smell to pick up the scent our dad had made and in no time we found the egg! Our hoomans kept on saying ‘good boys’, we must have done something really well! The fun wasn’t over just yet, our hoomans did it again and again for us, hiding it in a different place each time. What great fun!

So what we thought would be a boring Easter Sunday for us, turned out to be the best Easter we’ve ever had. Getting us involved was great fun for everyone and was really different than your standard human Easter egg hunt. Considering we had never done this kind of thing before, we picked it up really quickly, so we’re confident any dog would have been able to do it. Even our big brother Toto got involved. We had so much fun having our own doggy Easter egg hunt. It was really easy for our hoomans to set up. They got a plastic egg from the supermarket, our treats they had already and it could all be done in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, you could always do this at the park too!

Why don’t you try your own Doggy Easter Egg hunt next Easter? – It’s so much fun!

Thanks for reading everyone
Jacob & Bruno


  1. Hi, I'm Heleen, one of's Mums. Great blog and a great idea for our little Oscar, too. Have a great week !

  2. Hi, I'm Heleen, one of's Mums. Great blog and a great idea for our little Oscar, too. Have a great week !