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People often ask us how we take certain pictures and how we stay so still in photos. We thought that for this week’s blog post, we would take you behind the scenes and show everyone exactly what goes in to the pictures we have on our Instagram. A lot of people think that the one picture that we upload, is the only picture that is taken. All of our Instagram friends would agree by saying that this is not the case! 

So what exactly goes in to the pictures that we have taken of us?

Firstly, what camera do our hoomans use? Well, mostly all of our pictures now are taken using a Nikon D5300. Now, our hoomans would never class themselves as a professional photographers and they know they have so much more to learn with the camera itself (they don’t use the auto function though!) but, it takes a better quality photo than your standard smart phone camera. Although, if a quick snap is needed and they haven’t got the camera with them, an iPhone certainly does the trick. The iPhone 7 camera these days is pretty nifty!

Now, it also depends where we are and what photo is being taken of us that determines the set up. Normally, if we are inside, although we do get a good amount of light in our home, the hoomans usually always use a bit of help from the light boxes. These really help with brightening up the room (especially in the winter months when it gets dark around 5pm) and also distribute the light evenly so helps take a great picture. They weren’t that expensive to buy at all and came with a host of other photo shoot accessories like different coloured back drops (the green screen is our favourite, you can have loads of fun with that. Did you see our news video?) Our hoomans don’t usually use all of the backdrops regularly though. The light boxes are pretty easy to set up, the only negative they would say to using them is that they take up a bit of room and also can be a pain to keep putting up and taking down. We do feel like celebrities with these though!
Obviously, if we are taking pictures outside, the light box wouldn’t be used. Natural light is always the best we think! Different weather types bring a different challenge. Our hoomans find it hardest to take a picture when we are in direct sunlight. We don’t complain at all with this as we get to sit and top up our tans. Thanks to our good friend @mayathesausage and her mum Natasha, she has been giving our hoomans some top tips when taking photos out and about! We love to take a photo in the autumn months as our fur colour really goes well with a backdrop of the fallen golden leaves. 
As mentioned above, one of the questions our hoomans get asked the most is ‘how do you get them to stay so still’. Well, we like to think we are pretty good at the whole posing thing. If we are inside, we are generally really good. We don’t usually need to have that much bribing with treats. We will sit there patiently until our hoomans get a good shot. If we are outside, well, this is a different story… We don’t tend to look at the camera very often when we are having a photo shoot outside. Well, who can blame us? There’s so many different noises that distract us, you’ve also got smells, people walking by, the wind… the list goes on! With this part, our hoomans find it easier when they are both together. It means that one of them can take the photo and the other stands behind making as much noise as possible, jumping up and down in the air, rustling the treat bag, basically looking like a right twit! Eventually though, we do look and give them the super model pose.                      
No Chance...
Not Looking

Still Not Looking
In total, we probably have between 10 – 25 photos taken of us for that one photo that gets uploaded on Instagram. If there are props involved and it means we have to wear something, this could be up to 50 photos! We do enjoy wearing our props though, we get extra treats when we do! It can be a struggle taking a photo and thinking of an idea every single day. If they can, our hoomans will try to take a ‘bank’ of photos, but it can be time consuming doing this, so often they will take a photo each day. 
We all have a lot of fun taking photos and thinking of ideas each day. Our hoomans never knew how exciting starting an Instagram account would be for us. They have met some really great people on there already and made some good friends who we all meet up with regularly. The support that people get from each other is immense! We have had some really great opportunities and have met some cool people supporting different causes. Our hoomans never expected our account to grow as much as it has and we are all so thankful to everyone who follows us! We can’t wait to share more of our moments with you.

If you are looking to start an Instagram account for your pet, yourself or anything at all, our advice would be to get on and do it! If for any reason you’re stopping yourself, you shouldn’t! We have had so much fun already and know we have loads more fun to come!

Thank again for reading everyone.

Jacob & Bruno

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  1. Thanks for the info boys. @boocockapoo will definitely try to follow your top tips. I think big bro Spence would be great at the 'looking like a twit' bit. Love your Instagram page. XX