Is Your Pooch Getting Enough Exercise?

So one thing that we both really like doing, is getting out and about and exercising (yes, you did just read that coming from a dachshund). We were delighted when the guys over at Pooch Play asked us if they could send us some Activity Trackers to try out! Our hoomans wear fitness trackers themselves and had always thought about looking in to it to see if there was something for dogs too!

The poochplay activity tracker was exactly what they were looking for. Considering we are quite small, the design is slick, compact and looks great! It simply attaches to your dogs collar (or harness in our cases) and away we went. They have two designs, one black and the other pink. Jacob said he doesn’t mind wearing the pink one as all real men wear pink anyway, right? You would think with these sorts of things that the battery life wouldn’t be that great? Well, how about 6 months of battery life before it needs changing!

Pretty impressive right? For those of our friends that love swimming, you can even get it wet and go uder water in it (up to 1 metre).

So how does it work? -

Pooch Play is actually a lot more than just an activity tracker. It is paired with a brilliant app that means combined, it can be used to monitor your dogs diet,
weight and exercise. The app was super easy to download and set up and connects wirelessly with your phone via Bluetooth. Your phone then downloads the data from the device (which can be stored on the tracker for up to 1 week and is backed up securely on their cloud database). The app has been designed beautifully and has a bunch of features like your dogs activity for the day, their weight, their recommended food intake and current body condition score! All of this combined creates a really useful tool for our hoomans to understand our needs and also receive useful recommendations from the app. We were really impressed with how much information is stored on the app.It has a fantastic range of all of the dog foods on the market at the moment, information on your dogs breed, graphs that would show how active your dog has been that day, week or month!

Overall we would say we were all very impressed in how Pooch Play works. It’s great for us dogs as it’s stylish and for our hoomans, extremely helpful! Interestingly the company has been going for over a year now, but for a start up business, you would think they’ve been running for much longer. You can read loads more information on their website: or follow them on Instagram @justpoochplay.

Thanks for reading!
Jacob & Bruno

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