Turning Heads with Animology

We recently teamed up with the brilliant guys over at Animology to try and test their new harnesses and leads!

Animology are usually best know for their fantastic and creative shampoos. We certainly have used those in the past and with those being such great products, we knew the harnesses and leads would have just as much care and attention put into them.

We have mostly always used harnesses with Jacob & Bruno as we feel they support the boys well when out and about. When the delivery came, we were pleasantly surprised seeing a green and blue set. We've always said that these colours were Jacob & Bruno's favourites. It was as if they knew that already! The colours were the first things that stood out to us. They were bright, but not tacky and were nice shades of each colour. Animology have launched four colour sets; Blue, Green, Pink and Red, meaning there's a choice for everyone!

One thing that we always look for when buying new harnesses and leads for the boys is the quality. This is one thing these harnesses and leads show! From the buckles, clips, lead attachments and even the handles (they are so soft and lovely to hold) they are all good materials that have been used. Having a good quality harness is especially important. You hear too many times of dogs wiggling out of harnesses and running into roads. Something no dog owner wants to happen to their pooch. With this in mind, these harnesses fit the boys really well and were easy to adjust. As the harnesses don't go over their heads the dogs were easily able to step in and we could clip them in at the back (between their shoulders) giving the boys a great support and always were comfortable for them when walking. The leads clip on at the back too, meaning you have good control over your dog.

With good quality products, you usually expect to pay over the odds for them. However, Animolgy's new range is reasonably priced (ranging from £7.99 - £17.99). They also do collars which match the leads too! This means it's totally affordable for your pooch to look their best out on their adventures. Their harnesses and collars all come in different sizes to fit all dogs. They also have two different lead thicknesses, offering everyone a choice.

Overall we were really impressed with their new range of harnesses and leads and would definitely recommend them! If you want to check out their new range, head over to www.animology.co.uk 

Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting competition we will be running on our social media for your chance to win your own harness and lead set from Animology.

Let us know how you get on with their new range

Thank you for reading,

Oli, Jay, Jacob & Bruno

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