If you hadn’t guessed it already, we’re brothers. We play, run, walk, eat, lick, bark and sleep… in the same bed - with each other! You will always find us in a pair, getting up to mischief, but would you like to find out a little bit more about us individually? Read on!

I’m Bruno. You’re probably thinking my hoomans could have come up with a more original name than Bruno, meaning brown? Yeah… me too! You may think I’m small, but some call me the ‘Rottweiler’, I certainly have a bark that matches that name. I’m always first to investigate what’s going on and nuzzle my way in to be the first and ONLY one getting attention. Although I have little legs, I’m as quick as a whippet, usually when I’m chasing a ball, I sure do love playing with them! You may have noticed already that I have a kink in my tail. People say it’s cute, I say it’s more ‘bad’… certainly gives me more street cred when talking to the ladies. I love playing with balls, have I mentioned that already? I don’t like to admit this, but when it’s time for bed, I love to snuggle with the hoomans on my back, which is super cute, so they say. I guess every bad boy has to have a soft side, right?

Hello, I’m Jacob, aka Jakey’s. Obviously I had to let Bruno tell you about himself first, it’s always the way. I don’t mind though… Bruno likes to think he’s the ladies man, but that’s really me! My soft eyes and longer legs really do help attract them. Although, I do get a little shy and end up crawling up to them. When it comes to playing with toys, I’m more of a chewer. I love to chew on rope and rubber toys. Don’t worry though, I know what I shouldn’t chew on and fortunately for the hoomans and myself, I haven’t landed myself into any trouble. After I’ve finished chewing, I LOVE to cuddle. I could be picked up and cuddled every second of every day. I guess that’s why I’m called the ‘snuggle monster’. Bruno calls it laziness. I love to eat and some say I’m even faster than Bruno at running when I hear the treat bag rustle. I like to think I’m a bit of a smarty pants when it comes to tricks too. My best one? It’s got to be ‘ring your bell’. Ding ding! Although I am the quieter one of the two, I’ll always have Bruno’s back, I normally like to let out one bark, just to let people know I’m there.

Hi, we are Oli and Jay. We originally started the dogs Instagram account as we didn’t want to bore all of our friends with pictures of our new puppies (it’s a bit like when your friend has a new born baby!). It really took off and what started as something we just wanted to test out, has now turned into something we both really enjoy doing! We didn’t know that it would be so sociable as well. We now wanted to try something that we both haven’t done before and what better way to do it than writing about what our two little boys get up to and occasionally us as well. We thought a blog really allows others to see more of their lives, more than a picture shows you. We hope that our loyal followers enjoy keeping up with our adventures, just as much as we enjoy going on them! Thanks so much for your support already and if you’d like to get in touch with us, we’d really love to hear from you.